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Main » 2011 » March » 18 » The Quraan Sharif / The Holy Quran
9:19 PM
The Quraan Sharif / The Holy Quran
                      The Quraan Sharif / The Holy Quran


The holy Quran, the sacred book of Muslims, the true constitution of Islam, is the word of Allah in its entirety as a book revealed to the Holy Prophet Muhammad through the archangel Gabriel (Hazrat Jibreel AS).

It was revealed on a spread over a period of 23 years, the Holy Prophet
Muhammad and in fragments, ie by verse group of verses, or even several whole sura suras at a time.

Last message revealed by Allah to mankind, it is the mother of the books, meaning it supersedes all previous writings such as Psalms (Psalms) revealed to Hazrat Daaoud (as) the prophet David, Tawrah (Torah) revealed to Hazrat Mousaa (as) the prophet Moses, the Swahîf (leaves) revealed to Hazrat Ibrahim (as) the prophet Abraham and the Injil (Gospel) revealed to Hazrat ISAAA (as) the prophet Jesus .

The word Quraan in Arabic means "read." Who wants to say who reads or to be read. It should be noted that the first word of the first verse revealed is the word "Iqra" which means "lily." This book law, this prayer book is meant to be read. This last message of Allah, revealed in Arabic, is and will remain true (swahîh) until the end of time.

 This is the most sacred thing that Muslims have in their homes and mosques, as it is only words of Allah. It should be handled with respect. It should not be touched by people in a state of impurity, you must be a proper (see in this regard, our article on
ghusal and wazu). This rule also applies to any other book that would contain even that one verse of the Quran, whether in Arabic or translated into another language. It should be stored in clean and should not be stored in places where the level is below our private parties. It should not be read in places unfit (in blocks hygiene such as toilets or bathrooms, under bridges and in the markets for example).

 His reading must be respected, ie, it must be listened carefully when read aloud. And when one reads, it is recommended that the place is scented (see our article on
agarbatthi / encens / incense).

 It is also a prayer book, one finds his tilaawat (play) in almost all ibaadats (prayers and acts of worship).

May Allah give us all the privilege to grant us with the Quraan Sharif.

Source : http://www.chezdeen.com/chezdeen.php

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