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Main » 2011 » April » 16 » Let your wife be the happiest woman in the world !
3:13 PM
Let your wife be the happiest woman in the world !

Let your wife be the happiest woman in the world practice. Some people can not do a lifetime.

 1 was always kissing her, while she was not looking
 2 cross the road hold her hand.  Even if the quarrel.
3 must have a house of your own, even if small.
 4 together with listening to her favorite songs and her love to watch movies, with her moving.
5, let her lie in your lap, you can touch her hair.
 6 bath time she sang to her, so she does not feel stuffy.
 7 coax her to eat but she does not eat nutritious food.
 8 life, regardless of lovers must have a cell phone straps or jewelry clothes and shoes.
 9 when she was very tired when she squeezed shoulder, squeezed the foot, and then tickling her soles of the feet make her laugh.
10, secretly recorded her look like walking and sleeping Whether she lie, or a threat is not removed.
 11 There is no reason to hug her.
 12 things I have to write her heart to see, understand that inside her.

13 weeks for her to do the things she likes to eat, then walk.
14 under the big day back in public to embrace her or stop her.
15 When walking in the street will not leave more than 1 meter away from her even if you have a fight.
 16 into the restaurant's door or when the library must sliding door for her to let her go first.
17, bargain shopping with her, and she cook you soup.
18 rooms for her while she was half asleep tucked, take a look at the sleeping she woke up, and then kiss her forehead.
19 special period in her side for her hot brown sugar water, and then ... ... ...

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