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Main » 2011 » April » 3 » HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH-by mthago
7:17 AM

We have to pay for our health. When we get sick, we go to the doctors and get doctor’s advices and medications .We have to pay for the doctor advices and medications prescribed by the doctors. In some cases, we are advised to undergo surgery and we pay for the cost of the operations. We try to save money by not going regularly to the doctors for regular medical examination. Some of us choose not to go and see the doctors not because we want to save money but we fear to be told by the doctors that we have such and such diseases. We choose detached on our health and we prefer to go to see the doctors when we are really sick. We think we can get health when we take the medication prescribe by the doctors or after surgery has been performed on us. According to research, men are more reluctant to spend money on their health when compared with women. Women will see doctors for their health more often than men will. According to research, men spend money more for their cars than on their health and women will spend money more on cosmetics and clothes than on their health. Generally, peoples spend money on their health only when they are sick. When they take medication, they usually want to get well as soon as possible. Many do not like to spend money on health. Many are willing to spend money on health only when they are forced to do so. Generally, many will only visit a doctor when they are sick and few will ever visit a doctor because they do not want to be sick. It is commonly said that prevention is better than cure. Ideally, the correct practice is to visit a doctor in order you would not get sick. Nowadays, is the practice of medicines follows the principle that prevention is better than cure or the practice of medicines is more to alleviate the symptoms rather than to cure? Is anyone among you are sick. Is anyone among you are having Diabetic or Hypertension. What doctors usually say about these most common diseases? Doctors will often prescribe you some medication that you have to take until the rest of your lifetime and usually all doctors would say to you that there is no cure for all these diseases.

Do all of you agree with the doctors, that there is no cure for these diseases? Doctors are supposed to be the expert on diseases and medicines. In my opinion, doctors should not say that there are no cures to all these diseases but they should say that we have not found the cure to all these diseases. Prophet Muhammad saw used to say, all diseases have a cure and so there must be a cure to all diseases but we have not found the way how to cure the diseases. Even experts on medicine cannot claim to be the experts, as the real expert is Allah who is the creator of mankind. As human, we have limited knowledge and we only know what Allah has thought us. I would like to ask all of you some questions. Is knowledge comes from reading books or knowledge comes from Allah. Allah thought Prophet Adam and Allah did not teach all the angels and so when Allah asked Prophet Adam, he can answer all the questions but when Allah asked the angels, none of them is able to answer the questions. Allah thought Prophet Khidir on certain matters which Allah did not teach Prophet Musa and when Nabi Musa followed Nabi Khidir, many things are not understood by Nabi Musa and Nabi Musa was advised by Nabi Khidir to remain silence until the journey ends. Many thinks knowledge comes from reading of books and listening to lectures but the truth is knowledge comes from Allah and Allah gives knowledge to those who often think and wonders about the creations of Allah and often ask the questions why? All the genius in the world has the qualities of questioning why? , How? Do you have this quality? Most do not like to think or to ask the questions, they prefer to follow. Prophet Ibrahim was a person who always thinks and asked the questions which normal peoples often do not do. He was a person who asked who is my God and finally Allah gave him knowledge to know that his God is the one that create him and the creator of the whole world and mankind. Allah gave knowledge to those who thinks and all thinkers are often the researcher and scientists. All these knowledgeable persons or scientists are only knowledgeable on material things but not knowledgeable on their creator.

Can we ask these questions, why we cannot cure many diseases, what causes some peoples to become sick?

How diseases can be cured and can we have a world without diseases.

Who makes us to become sick and who cure our diseases?

Is it true that germs cause us to have diseases?

It is true that evil spirit or Jinn causes us to have diseases?

Can someone gives us diseases or sent to us something that caused diseases to us?

Knowledge comes from Allah and as the Quran is the words of Allah and Hadis is the words of Prophet Muhammad saw and it goes without arguments that we can obtain true knowledge only from the Quran and Hadis and our research is only to prove that the Quran and Hadis are the truth. According to the Quran all conditions inflicting a person is influenced by their actions and that include all the conditions that inflicted a person in this world and hereafter. A disease comes from Allah and only Allah can cure all diseases. Other than Allah no one has the power to inflict any diseases to anyone or to cure any diseases. Diseases are not caused by germs or jinn or the actions of other human being. Diseases come from Allah and Allah inflicted a person with a disease because of their bad habits. Bad actions of a person are the causes of his or her diseases. When we have negative behaviors, we will have diseases and when we have positive behaviors, we will get health. Diseases and Health are the consequences of our own actions and not the actions of others. If we want to be healthy we must have a correct actions or in a medical term, a correct lifestyle. If we choose to have diseases, we follow a bad actions or a wrong life style. Health and diseases are from Allah but Allah destined us to have health or diseases according to the lifestyle that we have chosen. It is wrong to believe that diseases come from Jinn or it comes from the action of other peoples or it comes as a result of the infection of germs or viruses. Diseases are the result of our own actions and in children; they inherit the genetic of their parents

All over the world is moving towards another new paradigm of the causes of diseases. The whole world used to believe that germs and viruses and worms cause diseases. All these creatures of Allah are involved in the process of diseases but they are not the causes of diseases. Scientist in the olden days used to detect the presence of germs and viruses and its relation to the occurrence of diseases. When scientists found penicillin can kill germs, antibiotics were found and later various types of antibiotics are found to kill bacteria but not viruses. Men have not found anything to kill viruses. Now there are many diseases that are not associated with the infection of germs or viruses. Evidence shows that wrong lifestyle causes diseases. How wrong lifestyles can cause diseases. When we have wrong lifestyles we will have both emotional and physical stress. Stresses effect digestion of food, absorption of foods and elimination of wastes. When a person has stress that the body cannot handle, production of digestive enzymes decreases, bad bacteria in the bowel proliferates; stored minerals are used to counter stress, increase of heart beat, increase blood circulation, storage glucagon are used to provide extra energy to the body, absorption of food is reduced and the desire to have food reduced but in some people it increases.

Prophet Muhammad saw says the centre of the body is the stomach. If the stomach is good then the blood that flows in the body will be good and the person will get health. If the stomach is bad, the blood that flows in the body will be bad and the person will get diseases. When a person is stress the first part of the body that is affected is the stomach. Stress is of two types; Emotional and physical stress. Emotional is related with the mind and soul and physical is related with the body. Men are made of mind, body and soul.  Emotional stress is conquered by always be happy, forgive and forget, and have no fear, no frustration, no sadness when not getting what we want, no malice on anybody, positive outlook, talk positive, and always think positive. Physical stress is conquered by eating good foods, eating and cooking foods the correct ways and always do exercises.

Prof. Dr. Nasoha Saabin
March 2011
Dean of Faculty of Optometry
International University College of Technology Twintech
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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