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Main » 2011 » November » 3 » Did you know? by xeniagreekmuslimah
11:24 AM
Did you know? by xeniagreekmuslimah

♥ There are 286 verses in Surah Baqrah

♥ Hazrat Zaid Bin Harith (Companion of Prophet) name is mentioned in the Quran

♥ The meaning of Baqrah is cow

♥ Surah Baqrah is the longest Surah of the Holy Quran

♥ Surah Kauthar is the shortest Surah of the Holy Quran

♥ Surah Naas is the last Surah of the Holy Quran

♥ Surah Fatiha contains 7 verses (including BISMILLAH)

♥ "ALLAH (S.W.T) wishes only to remove ar-rijs from you, of members of the family and to purify you with a thorough purification” this aayat is in Surah

Ahzaab 33 ; Aayat 33

♥ Hazrat Luqman gave advise to his son in Surah Luqman

♥ There is no BISMILLAH at the beginning of Surah Taubah

♥ Surah Taubah is also known as Surah Baraat

♥ Surah Dahar is also known as Surah Insaan

♥ Surah Naml is the only Surah which contains BISMILLAH 2 times in the Holy Quran

♥ Meraj is discussed in the 1st Aayat of Surah Bani Israel

♥ Fasting is wajib is discussed in Surah Baqrah 2 ; Aayat 183

♥ Hazrat Moosa’s name is most discussed in the Holy Quran

♥ Quran was revealed in 22 years, 5 months and 14 days

♥ 86 Surah’s were revealed in makkah

♥ 28 Surah’s were revealed in madina

♥ Elephant’s are discussed in Surah Feel

♥ Dog is discussed in Surah Kahf(18)

♥ According to Quran Hazrat Nooh propagated for 950 years

♥ According to Quran the day of judgement will be 50,000 years long

♥ Prophet’s name as MUHAMMAD is mentioned 4 times in the Holy Quran

♥ Ayat-e-mubahila is mentioned in Surah Aale Imran

♥ The meaning of Quran is to read

♥ Surah Alaq is the first Surah of the Holy Quran according to revelation

♥ Angel Jibraeel used to reveal the Holy Quran on Prophet through the command of ALLAH (S.W.T)

♥ The meaning of Hadeed is Iron

♥ Iron was made soft for Hazrat-e-dawood

♥ 4 Surah’s start with the word Qul (Say)

♥ 2698 times ALLAH’s name is mentioned in the Holy Quran

♥ According to Holy Quran Hazrat Isa used to resurrect the corpse

♥ In Surah kahaf Hazrat Khizr’s name is mentioned

♥ Hazrat Sulaiman used to have kingdom over jinn’s, birds and air

♥ 31 times "Then which of the blessings of your LORD will you both (jinns and

men) deny” is repeated in Surah Rahman

♥ "Verily, your Wali is ALLAH, His Messenger, and the believers-those who perform Salat and give Zakat when they bow down” Surah Maidah 5 ; Aayat 55

♥ Prophet Nooh’s son was disbeliever according to the Holy Quran

♥ Prophet Nooh’s and Prophet Loot’s wife was disbeliever according to Holy Quran

♥ Imran is the name of Janab-e-Maryam’S father according to the Holy Quran

♥ Hazrat Yaqoob went blind due to continuous weeping on his son

♥ Hazrat Younus was alive in the stomach of a fish

♥ River Nile was dried to give way to Prophet Moosa

♥ Quran was first revealed in Cave of Hira (Makkah)

♥ ALLAH (S.W.T) Himself took the responsibility to keep the Quran safe

♥ Al-furqaan, Al-kitaab, Az-zikr, Al-noor and Al-huda are the names of Quran by Quran itself

♥ There are 114 Surah’s in the Holy Quran

♥ There are 4 aayats in which sajdah is wajib

♥ 700 times Quran stressed up on salaat (namaz)

♥ 150 times Quran stressed up on alms (charity)

♥ Prophet Muhammad is referred as "Ahmad” in Surah Saff 28 ; Aayat 6

♥ Ka’aba is the first and most ancient mosque according to the Holy Quran

♥ According to the Holy Quran mankind is divided in 2 groups; believers and


♥ Fir’aun (Phoraoh)’s body is kept as an admonishing example for future generations by ALLAH (S.W.T) as stated in the Holy Quran

♥ Abu lahab is the relative of the Prophet whose name is mentioned in the Holy Quran

♥ Hazrat Isa is mentioned by his mother’s name in the Holy Quran as Ibn Mariyam

♥ Treaty of Hudaibiya was titled as "Fat-hum-mubeen” without fighting a battle

♥ Iblees and Shaitaan are the two different names by which Satan or devil is

mentioned in the Holy Quran

♥ Quran repeatedly warns of the day of judgement (Yaumal Qiyamah)

♥ The holy book of sikh community-Granth Saheb mentioned the Holy Book of Muslims (Quran) repeatedly

♥ Alcohol is the root cause of the evil according to Quran

♥ Prophet was 40 years old when the Quran revelation started

♥ Quran revelation was for 13 years in makkah

♥ Quran revelation was for 10 years in madina

♥ The last surah was revealed in Madina

♥ Surah Fatiha is to be read compulsory in the Namaz

♥ There are 99 names of ALLAH (S.W.T) mentioned in the Holy Quran

♥ Hazrat Luqman was not a prophet yet a surah is named on his name

♥ Quran’s translation is available in 103 languages

♥ The generation of Prophet Yaqoob is known as "Bani Israel”

♥ The first word of the Holy Quran which was revealed is "Read”

♥ Quran was revealed on Prophet Muhammad(saw)

♥ Surah Baqrah contains the longest aayat of the Holy Quran

♥ Namrood was killed by lame mosquito according to the Holy Quran

♥ Ibrahim is also known as khalilullah

♥ Surah Kauthar was revealed for Bibi Fatima Zahra (S.A)

♥ Surah Fajar was revealed for Imam Hussain (A.S)

♥ Only ALLAH (S.W.T) knows when the day of judgement will occur

♥ Satan is categorized as Jinn

♥ We can’t even say "Uff” to our parents according to the Holy Quran

♥ "Vision comprehends him not, He comprehends all the visions” Surah Al-An’am


♥ Prophet died at the age of 63


Correct me if any mistake is there!

Did you know?

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