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Main » 2010 » December » 25 » The Fast (Roza)
4:13 PM
The Fast (Roza)
Why is the fast obligatory?

Allah ta’ala says in the holy Koran: « O you believers, we made fast compulsory (made farz) as we made it compulsory upon the people before you, so that you become pious ». [sourah 2, verse 183]

What there can be in the fast so that Allah ta’ala made it obligatory throughout times? The objective of Islam is that people become obedient towards their creator (rab). The humans have been created to be the servants of Allah and thus praying Allah is part of his nature. Allah, who provided human beings with food during a whole year now wants to test mankind to see whether the latter can « leave apart » food and drinks to please Allah, control his desires (nafss), during one month (during the day), It is for this reason that almighty Allah made it obligatory on people.

Insaan (human being) is the « Ashraf-ul-makhlooqaat », which means that he is superiour among all living beings, so the most highly graded among the creatures. He can distingush the good from the bad and can also control (be the master of) his passions (nafss).
But when he let his passions control himself, he then becomes lower than animals.
On the contrary, if he dominates his passions and desires, he can then attain the degree for which Allah created him, to become superior than angels (farishtas/malaaïkas).

The fast : sign of the firmness of our faith (imaan)

Apart from fast, all other forms of ibaadats (worship) have visible movements. For example, during namaz (swalaat) we make several postures which are visible, such as to curve (ruku’), to prostrate (sajdah) that people can see. During the pilgrimage at Meccah (hajj) we accomplish a long journey among thousands of people. Regarding alms (zakaat) there is a donor and a receiver. They are ibaadats that we can’t hide.

But fasting is an exception to this rule since it is an ibaadat that only Allah ta’ala and the faster who knows about it. Therefore if someone do the Sehri and the Iftwaar with the others and then hide to eat during the day, apart from Allah, nobody will know. But actually the rozadaar will never eat or drink even in hiding place because he fasts for the cause of Allah this is a sign of his faith (imaan). This faith in Allah give him force to resist against hunger and thirst during the day and moreover he will move away with bad deeds with the objective of protecting his fast.

In fact, the desobedience towards Allah ta’ala and sins, whatever the amount are haraam (prohibited) to muslims whenever. But during the Ramadwaan, these bad deeds become more serious.

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